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Severn Bore

It's a spectacle like no other. Check out https://www.severn-bore.co.uk/locations.html for a viewing spot. The funnel of the River Severn estuary forces some of the highest tides (over 9m, the second highest in the world) up to 21 miles inland and the wave attracts surfers from all over.

The tidal surge also attracts canoeists and windsurfers too. Steve King is the current Guinness World Record holder for the longest surf, 9.25 miles.

The crest of wave moves around from side to side reaching speeds of more than 16 kph. For surfing information, please refer to the Gloucester Harbour Trustees website, link below.

Col. J. Churchill, an ex-wartime Commando leader was the first man to surf the bore on a home made 14ft long board on 21st July 1955.

Epney, Nr Frampton on Severn, GL2 7LN

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