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There have been sheep on the hills since before the Romans. Mills are mentioned in the Doomsday Book, 1087, and the mix of pasture and fast flowing stream has brought wealth to the area.

Canals to the sea via the River Severn, and access across the Cotswolds to the River Thames at Lechlade opened up the markets for the cloth of the area. It's not just the Stroud valleys either, there were about 80 mills around Wotton Under Edge.

But all was not a bed of roses with industrial unrest from 1770's through to the mid 1800's. It's a fascinating story and the Museum in the Park in Stroud is well worth a visit, as are the Heritage Centres in Dursley and Wotton Under Edge.

From Stroud District Council....... https://www.stroud.gov.uk/media/1754/ihca-vol1-chapter-4-nov-2008.pdf

For a broader look at the canals try the British Waterways Museum in Gloucester Docks. Perhaps take a boat trip down the Gloucester to Sharpness Canal, walk the towpaths with their information boards, or standup paddle board to get a different perspective.